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Q:     To whom does John L. Atkins Grading Inc. & Landscaping Materials sell?
A:     Everyone - both landscapers and homeowners

Q:     Why use mulch in my yard?
A:     The reason to use mulch in your yard is threefold:
          (1) to keep weeds down
          (2) to keep moisture around the plants during the hot dry summer
          (3) to ensure good topsoil for years to come

Q:     What is the difference between one mulch and another?
A:     There many types of mulch: hardwood, pine, pine nuggets, and designer mulch.
         Each mulch can do a different job:
          • hardwoods are good for replenishing nutrition in sandy topsoil;
          • certain grades of pine mulch are good for certain plants such as azalea and roses;
          • designer's mulch is for the enchantment of landscape.

Q:     What are the differences between single, double, and triple shredded hardwood?
A:      • Single has been run through the grinder once and through a deep heat which gives it a dark walnut color.
          • Double has gone through the grinder twice and has a mixture of fresh hardwood mulch.
          • Triple has gone through the grinder three times and has a mixture of fresh hardwood mulch.

Q:     To where do we deliver?
A:     We deliver anywhere in Wake County. (Surcharge may vary)

Q:     What vehicle can we use to come pick up a product?
A:     You can come pick up a product in a pick-up truck, trailer, or a dump truck.

Q:     Do you accept credit cards?
A:     Yes we do. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. credit cards

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